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Worried mediocre copy will gum your prospects into indifference?

Let’s create content with teeth.

Whether your prospect needs a gentle nibble on the ear or you want to take a giant bite out of the pie, content with teeth is the answer.

Because 90.63% of content is never seen. And if your content is somewhere in that staggering percentage, you’re spending a lot of time and money on something that won’t grow your business.

You need someone who creates stand-out content that sits in that 9.37%, don’t you? Someone who knows how to create copy that’s laser-focused on your prospect and will help you attract new customers and grow your business.

The content I’ve written for clients has doubled traffic, grown sales by a third, improved their standing and reputation, and even helped them understand their own organisation. In short, I helped them stand out, win over prospects, and grow your business.

British Assessment Bureau
Lexham Insurance
marketing meetup
Learning Resources
Crown Relocations
Funkin Cocktails
JD Pipes
Middleton Holiday Park
New Media Angels

So you just need to ask yourself one question:

What kind of copy do you want me to write for you?

A nibble with serious staying power

Short copy

1-300 words

Taglines, ads, social posts

A hearty meal of credentials and prestige

Medium copy

300-2,000 words

Blog posts, web copy, articles

A smorgasbord of thought leadership

Long copy

2,000-200,000+ words

Long reads, white papers, books

Don’t know what kind of copy you need?

No problem! I’ve been helping organisations like yours create, build, and execute content strategies for decades. Let’s talk about your organisational objectives and I can help you understand what kind of content will help your reach your goals.

A sublime menu for a meal of killer content

Content strategy

Persona maps, content calendars, Tone of Voice, and more.

Off menu services

Can’t see what you need? If it’s got something to do with words, I can probably help. Fill in the form below and let’s have a chat.

Because, whatever you need, I can guarantee it involves content with teeth.