Medium-length copy is the bread and butter that needs to be a tasty zinger burger

Medium copy: includes blogs, landing pages, direct mail, and email, between 300 and 2,000 words in length

Think of it as a hearty meal of credentials and prestige


Ah, medium-length copy. Often the bread and butter of a solid content strategy, it encompasses most of your web copy, blogs, articles, emails, mailers, leaflets, trade show handouts and more.

But you want more than bread and butter for this sort of content.

You want something with flavour and garnish that blows your prospects’ tastebuds off. So you need someone who writes with a secret blend of herbs and spices that makes you stand out and win more business.

Just call me Colonel Copy.

The two mistakes (nearly) everyone makes with content

Lots of people underestimate medium-length copy. Business owners usually make one of two mistakes (sometimes both):

  1. Get everyone in the team to write some
  2. Do it themselves

Which, in turn, causes two problems:

  1. Non-writers writing the most important words for your business
  2. Not enough time to do everything

Because, yes, these words are absolutely amongst the most important words your organisation is putting out there. They should be written by professionals, not by the nearest warm body (and certainly not the nearest cold one).

Even if you’ve got a way with words yourself, do you honestly have time to generate the right content for the right prospects to discover at the right time?

You and I know that quality trumps quantity

Content that sings

“What’s the big deal?” your competitors ask. “We just need to write something about the financial update, and Gary the CFO knows what a semi-colon is.”

That’s why we’ll smash your competitors. Because we know better.

You and I know that quality trumps quantity. We also know that asking non-writers to write is like asking someone who can’t count to take over for Gary while he’s writing a blog.

It’s a bad idea.

You and I know that your content is often the first experience a prospect has of your organisation. It needs to demonstrate your expertise, your trustworthiness, and just how great it would be to work with you.

So your content doesn’t need to simply speak to your prospects. It needs to sing*.

It needs to be so fantastic that they want to consume more and more before signing up to become your customer and giving your competitors nary a glance.

Every piece of content needs to be on this level. Even that financial update. Because if it’s dull as magnolia paint drying and it’s the first piece of content a prospect sees?

You know that they’ll look elsewhere. To someone that serves quality content that sings to them.

Let’s work together and make sure that someone is you.

* This doesn’t mean you need to record yourself crooning your blog content. But I’ll bet you’d get noticed.

Time means money

“So I need content that sings. Well I’ve a decent set of pipes on me,” you’re thinking, and I’ve no doubt you go down a storm at karaoke. But aren’t you busy enough?

Running your organisation isn’t a hobby. It’s not something you idly play at on a lazy Sunday afternoon while sipping a strawberry daiquiri.

Well, maybe the daiquiri bit would be nice.

But it’s hard work, right? Do you really have time to be a copywriter too?

Don’t listen to the hacks that try to convince you to pay them to write a 300-word blog every week

Your time is beyond valuable. Hire a copywriter who has their head screwed on, and I’ll work my magic while you focus on the work only you can do.

“But I don’t have bottomless pockets,” you’re saying. You don’t need them. Don’t listen to the hacks that try to convince you to pay them to write a 300-word blog every week because oThErWiSe YoU’lL nEvEr RaNk On ThE gOoGlE.

Quality, remember? Not quantity.

Invest in quality content that will make your prospects take notice. Maybe your competitors drown the market in flyers, or they email prospects every day.

You’ll stand out by being the option that offers nuggets of gold instead of spewing a deluge of scrap metal.

You’ll stand out by delivering content with Bite.