Integrated content campaigns that build personal connections with prospects

Countrywide Legal Indemnities is a provider of legal indemnity insurance that takes out printed adverts in relevant legal periodicals, as do a number of its competitors. Many of these ads follow a similar aesthetic: stock photos of people on the phone or smiling around a desk.

Personal connections

Rather than rely on stock photos, we wanted to put a face on the people that solicitors would be dealing with over the phone or by email. We also wanted to include an element of humour so customers could relate to the team. The “pratfall effect” has demonstrated that people empathise with someone who makes a mistake.

I worked with the designers to design a campaign that used photos of our actual underwriters (all of whom were good sports) and contrasted one of their perceived inabilities with their underwriting expertise.

A single printed ad would have an effect. But an integrated campaign using multiple channels reinforces the message and deepens its impact.

So we combined printed ads, direct mailers, email, and more. Each channel had slightly different content. The ad was straightforward. The mailer and the email expanded on the marketing copy, adding a case study element that helped to underline the underwriter’s expertise.

The campaign was a hit with solicitors. Each new ad saw a corresponding spike in business but, more importantly, the solicitors had already begun to form a personal relationship with the underwriters before even speaking to them; they bonded over a lack of artistic skills or an inability to bake.

That personal connection was more important than anything, because Countrywide sold a product that heavily relied on trust. Solicitors who had built a personal relationship with the underwriters trusted Countrywide with their business over a faceless voice from a competitor.

I’m also rather proud of the Picasso pun.

Social listening that informs content

This level of integration wasn’t limited to advertising campaigns. I also encouraged the adoption of modern marketing tools such as A/B testing and SEO as well as social listening. It was this latter tool that revealed an opportunity for Countrywide to strike while the iron was hot.

A recent court case had resulted in a troubling development for conveyancing solicitors in that a previously minor concern had become a very real risk for property owners. Solicitors were worried that they would be liable for unexpected losses faced by their clients. As we had implemented social listening strategies, we picked up on the online chatter as solicitors compared notes and tried to make sense of the court judgment.

This is where an agile content strategy shows its strength. I immediately read the entire court judgment and liaised with Countrywide’s Underwriting Development Director to create an article that outlined exactly what the judgment meant for solicitors. We published this article within a week of the initial chatter springing up, sharing it on the same channels as well as directly with key contacts who were already in these conversations.

We backed this up with an email marketing campaign and social ads that helped the article penetrate into the conversation, drive it, and turn it towards the insurance solution that Countrywide already offered. By creating this content so quickly, I helped Countrywide cement a reputation as leaders in the field who had anticipated this problem and created a solution ready for concerned solicitors. And the results?

James is approachable, friendly, and good-humoured. I can testify to his high standard of work, his attention to detail, and his general helpfulness.

Ray Tempesta, Countrywide Legal Indemnities

Enquiries skyrocketed following this campaign, more impressively, the emails I sent are still generating business today; solicitors saved them for reference and forward them on to new colleagues to explain the issue and they click the links to get quotes for the policy years later.

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