Boosting traffic and enquiries with a stonking content strategy

British Assessment Bureau is an ISO certification provider based in the UK. It works with a huge variety of customers from SMEs all the way up to huge corporations such as the Disney Store. As such, its content needed to speak to a number of different people. The company knew its content could work harder, which is exactly how I helped them. Well. Some colleagues helped. A bit.

(I’m kidding, it was a great team and they smashed it.)


Spoiler alert: we did a good job.

29% increase in enquiries

Traffic grew by 98%

21% increase in conversions

Content strategy

Any organisation that has built up a wealth of content will often find itself with some content that wasn’t wholly aligned with updated objectives or with new data. British Assessment Bureau was no different.

A new strategy was needed.

Foundation First creates a banging funnel that provides a clean, unobstructed path to conversion.

I applied my Foundation First approach (AKA “let’s get our house in order”). This starts with creating or optimising the conversion destinations (often landing pages) and works backwards up the user journey.

A lot of marketers start at the top and work down. But this means that anyone entering the funnel is presented with a broken journey until the work is complete. Foundation First ensures that there is a clear journey for anyone joining a funnel partway down while working towards creating a banging funnel that provides a clean, unobstructed path to conversion.

This process involved updating existing content, building internal links and content clusters, and writing new content for external sites that garnered backlinks and improved the company’s position in the search results.

More than that, though, I proposed a sweeping cull of under-performing content. In fact, I deleted 58% of the client’s content.

And, by doing so, we increased both traffic and conversions.

New content

This kind of exercise always identifies gaps in the user journey or even opportunities to acquire new prospects. This was no exception.

British Assessment Bureau was focusing on cyber security as a driver of new business, and auditing the existing content revealed a huge opportunity: the client’s competitors weren’t talking about the big headline concerns surrounding cyber security that would drive a prospect to explore a management system.

So I wrote a research-driven white paper that made a simple promise: to tell readers the real threat facing their cyber security.

The white paper clocked in at over 6,000 words, and outlined a simple premise: that while headlines focused on nefarious hackers threatening to break through your firewalls and ransack your servers, the bigger threat was already within your metaphorical walls: your own staff.

Combined with the newly-optimised site and the carefully curated content journeys, this compelling premise was designed to drive downloads, garner links, and attract prospects.

And it worked.

The results

The results speak for themselves.

This strategy delivered a 29% increase in organic quote form enquiries.

Organic traffic grew by 98%.

Finally, the client enjoyed a 21% increase in organic last click conversion rate.

James produced a lot of high-quality work, turning to often-complex into something relatable and interesting. He’s also a thoroughly nice chap and always keen to help.

David English, British Assessment Bureau

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